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Hello, my name is Jim Hull and my call sign is W9JGH.  I was first licensed in June of 2012 as KC9WFY.  A couple of months later I upgraded to General in September of 2012 I got the vanity call sign of KW9JGH.  At Dayton Hamvention in May of 2013 I upgraded to Extra and dropped the K in my prefix. Now just W9JGH.  And before you ask, I am a "no code" Extra.
My QTH is 16 miles west of Chicago in a town called Brookfield.  Here I have a small suburban lot and a modest station consisting of a KIO Hex Beam at about 20 feet on my garage and a Butternut HF9.  For HF I have an Icom 7610 and for a backup radio a Kenwood TS-2000 that also serves as my 2 meter, 70 centimeter and 23 centimeter radio. I also have a Kenwood TK-630 for 33 centimeters and a Btech GMRS-50X1 for GMRS.  And yes, I have a Radio Shack TRC-449 for 11 meter.

I work a lot of FT8 & FT4 DX.  I also enjoy contesting however with my modest station I am not very successful.  As you may have figured out from the above statements I am very much into trying all different things ham radio related.  I joined several clubs and enjoy the camaraderie and social aspect of ham radio clubs.  Currently I am the president of The Chicago Suburban Radio Association and the web master for the Six Meter Club of Chicago.  I am also Webmaster for this page as well as several other clubs.
Affiliated Club Coordinator
The ACC is the primary contact and resource person for each Amateur Radio club in the section, specializing in motivating, providing assistance and coordinating joint activities of radio clubs. The ACC is appointed by, and reports to, the Section Manager.
My XYL, Dawn KA9ERS and I enjoy riding the CanAm when the weather permits.  We like to attend the hamfests as well as the other events related to ham radio.
We have a deal that whatever I get in radio gear she gets in
She has a very nice collection
Jim Hull (W9JGH)