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R. P. "Pat" Ryan KC6VVT is an active amateur radio operator and was first licensed as WN9SLK in 1966 and later as KB6NUG. Located in his hometown of Tonica, Eden Township, LaSalle County, IL USA (Grid square EN51lf).  KC6VVT is an ARRL member, 10-10 #59021, USNCVA and FruPac net, and a member and former Director of the Starved Rock Radio Club W9MKS.
Long an active volunteer in the ARRL Field Service, Pat was a former Section Emergency Coordinator in the Illinois Section; and an Assistant Section Manager for the ARRL San Diego Section (ASM/SDG) where he also served as the Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC/SDG), and as a Southern District EC (DEC/SDG), Official Relay Station (ORS/SDG) and as an NTS Net Control station.
KC6VVT also enjoys packet radio, and is an avid APRS advocate with fixed station TS-2000A, and mobile HF with an IC-7000 and mobIle APRS from his TM-D700A or portable with a TH-D7A handheld, often visiting with other APRS users and promoting geolocation and messaging with radio and the Global Position System. Pat spoke at the 1999 ARRL Southwestern Division Convention on the Queen Mary, and introduced there Bob WB4APR, the founder of APRS, for a surpise to other SoCal APRS users.
He has also been on personal DXpeditions (KP4USN Guest Op) and to various world wide locations as an Electronics Technician and Antenna Specialist
Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator (ASEC)
The Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator (ASEC) is the assistant to the Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC). He or she is appointed by the Section Manager (SM), usually at the suggestion of the SEC. The ASEC assists the SEC in matters pertaining to emergency communications and the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES®) on a Section-wide basis. There may be one or more ASECs appointed in each Section of the ARRL Field Organization.
Since returning to Illinois, Pat has worked in technical and sales support for a major electronics manufacturing firm, and in sales for a major electronics retail chain, and is now retired.
Pat can sometimes be reached directly via HF, APRS text, Echolink, Winlink or via the SRRC FM voice repeater (W9MKS) when home and in the Radio Shack