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First licensed in 2011, I enjoy kit building, operating mobile, Digi modes.

Home station is a Yeasu FT 950 and LDG autotuner, West Montain Radio RigBlaster Pro, Antenna is Alpha Delta DX LB Plus apex at 60 feet.

Mobile station is a Kenwood TS 480 HX and a Tarheel M200 screwdriver antenna

Contesting/Radio Sport,  ARRL 10 Meter, Most Digi modes on 10 thru 160  meters, ARRL Field day, Illinois QSO party.

ARRl Illinios Central Asst. Section Manager.

PODXS Club Member # 2587    30 Meter Digital Group member # 11138

Lotw uploads are done the 1st of every month. See you on the waterfall !
Assistant Section Manager
The ASM may assist the Section Manager with general leadership matters as the Section Manager's understudy, or the ASM may be assigned to handle a specific important function that does not fall within the scope of the duties of the Section Manager's other assistants.
The ASM is appointed by the Section Manager
Craig E. Worrick (K9CEW)