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My love is 6 Meters when its open. Enjoy HF in the mobile. I work with local Clay County / Flora ESDA, Clay County ARES Coor., Flora Clay County Asst EMA Coor. Certified SKYWARN and NWS SWOP weather observer. Member of Clay County Area Amateur Radio Club, Life member of the ARRL.  W5YI & ARRL Volunteer Examiner. Past member of Army & Navy / Marine Corps Military Affiliate Radio System. I also enjoy Geneaology and family research. Was interested in radio in early years of my life, I use to listen to short wave radio stations from all over the world with a transistorized superhet and plug in coils. Then migrated to the CB route when CB was in, in those years of the late 60s early 70s and still a scanner listener. I enjoyed the early 70s when Low band was in, the local police and sheriffs dept use to use it before going to VHF 155 Mhz. Summer time use to bring band openings on 39.5 and 42.5 Mhz use to hear stations coming in from all over the south east parts of the US wih Sporadic E openings. Working in our local ESDA we had radios on 45.12 and the State of IL IEMA still uses analog 45.44 Mhz as a main control frequency state wide, but other main operations is now P25 or commonly called Starcom. I loved the times when we would get band openings on Television. DXing Channel 2 through 12 would fade in and out and other stations would take there place during sporadic E openings. You can still DX FM analog radio stations, as it is all headed also to the digital age. With the new digital world I am now utilizing Winmor and Winlink RMS Express for Packet transmissions on HF & VHF assisting our IEMA state wide.
Assistant Section Manager
The ASM may assist the Section Manager with general leadership matters as the Section Manager's understudy, or the ASM may be assigned to handle a specific important function that does not fall within the scope of the duties of the Section Manager's other assistants.
The ASM is appointed by the Section Manager
Another very fun mode is FT8 especially on 6 meters, and many more good digital modes out there! My main radio is Icom 9100 and use Icom7300 dedicated to digital, I also have an Icome 756Pro stored and use my Icom 706Mkiig in the mobile or other temporary settings.