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Born and raised in metro Detroit, Michigan.  I have worked in the IT field since 1984 which has been interesting and exciting.   I currently live in the Chicagoland area and have a cabin located in Northwest Lower Michigan in a small town called Reed City about an hour north of Grand Rapids. 
I have been interested in amateur radio for quite some time thanks to my best friends Dad, Walt Nalezyty (WB8GAO/sk), and Uncle, Bob Croaker (WB8YPG).  Upon his dad's passing, John (KB8KVO) got his license and I followed along a few years later.

My daytime job is both demanding, yet flexible at the same time; as a result I work remotely 2 days a week.  Because I travel around quite a buit between home in Chicago, IL, the cabin in NW Lower Michigan, and the campground in central IL setting up of "The Hamshack" has been a bit of a challenge.  The result has been to use the cabin as the main operating QTH, with plans to enable remote operations. As a result, I operate from the cabin mostly Thursday to Sunday.   
Assistant Section Manager
The ASM may assist the Section Manager with general leadership matters as the Section Manager's understudy, or the ASM may be assigned to handle a specific important function that does not fall within the scope of the duties of the Section Manager's other assistants.
The ASM is appointed by the Section Manager
Ron Delpiere Smith (KD9IPO)
KD9IPO = I Play Outdoors