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I go by "Roger"... formerly WB9JXE... Iíve been hamming since May 12th 1972, first as a Novice: WN9JXE. I practiced code with my high school friends Paul and Ray, prior to getting my ticket. We often listened to W1AW and the novice bands to get our CW speed up. Eugene Christensen W9EAC, Paulís father, was the VE for my Novice license (at the kicthen table in 1972) and loaned me my first transmitter. It was a homebrew 35 watt, three tube, crystal controlled, green beast! That transmitter, an old Knight R-100A receiver, and a 40m inverted V were my DX weapons! Thanks Gene. Your memory lives on.
I enjoy HF, (mostly 80 and 160m) 10, 6 and 2 meters, the local repeaters, and have done some satellite, PSK31, FT8 work as well. I listen to 10, 6, and 2 meters daily (SSB and CW) and often work mobile with an Icom IC-7000 and a Tarheel Screwdriver antenna on my F-250. I've been snooping around 160m with a ground-mounted Butternut HF2V of late learning the TOP band. Mostly working QRP everywhere since May 2006.  But... I have an ACOM 2000A so QRO is not out of the picture.
My home antennas are all in the second-floor attic except for a ground-mounted Butternut HF2V 160m -> 40m.  I also have an EFHW for 10-80 that is about 12' off the ground.
District Emergency Coordinator
The ARRL District Emergency Coordinator (DEC) is appointed by the Section Manager (or at the SM's discretion, the SEC may make the appointment) to support the efforts of local Emergency Coordinators (ECs) in the defined district. DEC Districts may be defined as geographical regions, areas of specialty, or similar organizational structures.
Iím a founding member of the Plainfield Radio League, club call; WW9AE, a local ARES/RACES EC, and a former member of the Plainfield Emergency Management Agency. (  Today I am the Kendall County, Illinois, Emergency Management Coordinator.

I like to play with antennas, electronics, and computers. I hope to be part of a DXpedition some day. I worked as a software engineer for a phone company in Illinois for 22 years before I retired
District 3 & District 4    Lake & Dupage Counties