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I enjoy weak signal VHF/UHF, Emergency & public service communications, antenna experimenting, kit building and homebrew equipment, drag racing, grandchildren and ragchewing about any and all of the above. I also like to dabble in contesting a bit (GO SMC!!!).

My current home station is very antenna challenged, so I operate from other locations when I get the chance. My current equipment consists of a Flex 6400, an IC-756 Pro II, a Kenwood B2000, Icom ID-880H and several transverters and bricks for 222 through 1296 (working on 2304 and 5760). My antennas at home are usually wires in the trees for HF and small yagis at low height on VHF/UHF.

I do a some on digital modes and meteor scatter on 6 and 2 meters using WSJT. If not on 6 meters, I spend lot of time on 17, 20 & 75 meters.

I operate a CC Cluster DX spotting node, W9DP. It can be found at . port 7373

I am a member (and trustee) of the Western Illinois ARC (, the Society of Midwest Contesters ( the Great River DX Club, Central States VHF Society and the ARRL. I am also ARES EC for Adams County and ARES DEC District 6 in Illinois..
District Emergency Coordinator
The ARRL District Emergency Coordinator (DEC) is appointed by the Section Manager (or at the SM's discretion, the SEC may make the appointment) to support the efforts of local Emergency Coordinators (ECs) in the defined district. DEC Districts may be defined as geographical regions, areas of specialty, or similar organizational structures.
My wife (KA9VIM) and I are both very active in our church. We also have two grown daughters, eight grandchildren and a great granddaughter.
District 6