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My FCC assigned call sign since 1958 is K9LJB and I have an FCC Extra-class license. I have been active from my automobile on UHF and VHF voice FM as well as short-wave CW-QRP (code-very low power. Less than 5 watts). Yes, code from the car. I have some Collins, Hammarlund, WRL and Heathkit radio gear from the 50's (Do you remember tubes?). I also have a collection of telegraph instruments and memorabilia. I started a separate page for that. Ham Radio has given me some of the most interesting and exciting times of my life.
State Government Liaison
The State Government Liaison (SGL) is an Amateur Radio operator who is cognizant of state legislative and regulatory proposals in the normal course of events and who can monitor and respond appropriately to those proposals having the potential to affect Amateur Radio. This is an active, responsive mission, not merely a passive, "stand by the sidelines and watch" function.
Roger Whitaker (K9LJB)