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I am a US ARMY Vietnam era vet. First ticket mid Seventies. What an enjoyable hobby. Retired 2011 from IHI Turbo America.  ARRL Life Member 
My home page is
My Weather page Shelbyville Illinois Weather
Current interest: NTS, ARES, PACKET, Computers, Weather, RC Airplanes(3D), target shooting, HF Antennas, Motorcycles, NHRA.
ARES District Nine DEC, Shelby County Illinois ARES EC. SKYWARN, ARRL VE
Net Manager Illinois Sideband Net 3.905MHz 6:00pm Daily. NTS Traffic Net. All stations welcome. With or without traffic. Illinois Sideband Web site
Illinois ARES HF Net 3905(primary) or 7230 KHz 4:30pm 1st and 3rd Sunday.
North Central Phone Net  3.912MHz 7:00am M-F All stations welcome.
Illinois Phone Net 3.857MHz 4:45pm M-F and 3940KHz 8:00am Sunday (Roll call Sunday) All stations welcome.Andhra Pradesh.
Technical Coordinator
The ARRL Technical Coordinator (TC) is a section-level official appointed by the Section Manager to coordinate all technical activities within the section. The Technical Coordinator reports to the Section Manager and is expected to maintain contact with other section-level appointees as appropriate to insure a unified ARRL Field Organization within the section.
Jim Hudson (WB9QPM)